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Jan 2, 2013 2:35am EST
's elementary. >>> gunman in northwest pakistan ambushed a van and killed five pakistani teachers and two health workers. they were working for a private pakistani group who was targeted for their anti-polio work. militants have accused them of spying for the u.s. and extremists have launched attacks in opposition to female education. >>> more than 60 people were killed in a stampede after a fireworks show and 200 others hurt. many were children and teenagers. thousands were leaving the stadium when the crowd surged forward, crushing dozens of people. >>> and there is new legal action in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal at penn state. the governor there says he intends to sue the ncaa over sanctions that it slapped on the school. those sanctions, including $60 million fine, which finances the national campaign against child abuse, apparently some pennsylvania politicians don't like state taxpayer money going to other states. they think they should stay within pennsylvania. >>> new evidence has surfaced from the nation's most famous family feud. excavators found bullets believed to be from
Jan 3, 2013 2:35am EST
on that deadly attack on aid workers in pakistan. we'll learn how a failed plan to capture osama bin laden may have led to a violent climate against innocent civilians who were only trying to help others. >>> and a new movie touching nerves and sparking controversy. we'll hear from the stars of "django unchained." a fascinating interview. >> i have not seen it yet. i hear jamie foxx is pretty good. but tarantino does not shy away from controversy. >>> children, teachers and staff take up a familiar scene this morning, they are going to school. >> parents are being reassured that the new setng is the safest school in the entire country. abc's diana perez has more on this. good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob and paula, it's been less than three weeks since the mac kerr at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. it will be a long time before things return to normal for the children of sandy hook elementary. but in an effort to bring them one step closer, they saw their teachers again wednesday and walked through what will be their new school. >> children are coming up, so excited
Jan 3, 2013 1:40am PST
.95 a day. >>> welcome back, everybody. a serious story from pakistan. on tuesday, seven people were killed in what's considered the largest attack targeting efforts against polio. >> despite the attacks, vaccination workers say they will continue fighting this disease. abc nick schifrin has the details. >> reporter: the woman beneath this shroud is dead simply because she cared for needily children. she and her team were buried after being gunned down in their van by militants. >> it was ambushed. six of the female workers -- >> reporter: this boy lost his mother in the attack, the third in just three weeks against workers taking part in what had been a very successful program to vaccinate against polio. the woman's boss says she blames the gunmen and the cia. the cia tried every idea it could think of to get into the compound. among the neighbors, the cia. they moved into one of these houses. they even hired this doctor to launch a fake vaccine campaign. but that may have backfired in the long-term, because today the taliban cites the program to justify their attacks. >> because of these
Jan 4, 2013 2:35am EST
in pakistan. his death is seep as a serious blow, because he gave money and weapons to support taliban fighters who attacked u.s. forces in afghanistan. a pentagon official describes him as someone who has a great deal of blood on his hands. >>> from deep inside caves in the taliban territory of afghanistan, a remarkable discovery. israel's national library has unveiled a collection of ancient hebrew manuscripts it just bought. it points to a thriving jewish community in the region about 1,000 years ago. the papers survived because the caves are so dry and so dark. >>> police in florida are asking for help in finding three criminals. they were caught on cameras this past monday as they held up a radioshack in pompano baemp. they fled out the back door and into a waiting getaway car. >> brazen. >>> and on a much lighter note, but also from florida, some anger over what some neighbors are calling an eye sore. >> this homeowner has graffitied his own house. it was his reaction after people in the neighborhood complained about the removal of some trees. now police say the graffiti might no
Jan 31, 2013 2:35am EST
girl shot in the head by the taliban in pakistan because she wanted in education. the 15-year-old will undergo a final delicate operation before resuming a there mall life. as abc's nick schifrin reports this survivor is truly an inspiration. >> reporter: it will cover a 3 inch wide hole in her skull, caused three months ago after a taliban gunman shot her point-blank. the bullet passed through the red line. yet she survived. as she recuperated she be came a global icon of courage, elegant advocate for girls' education. and once doctor stephen edmondson is done shaping titanium so it fits her skull she can restart her life. >>kconnoiters the school. it affected her hearing and she will need a cochlear implant. after her surgery she will remain in the hospital for less than a week and will need a year and a half to make a full recovery. at that point with a little luck, doctors say you won't tell the difference between the girl before and after she was shot. nick schifrin, abc news, birmingham, england. >>> well the dream may be over in boca raton, florida. remember the squatte
Jan 4, 2013 1:40am PST
to the taliban, taking out a top militant commander in pakistan. he supplied money and weapons to taliban fighters who attacked u.s. forces in afghanistan. officials say five other people were killed in the strike, including one of nazar's aides. >>> we know that dallas cowboys lineman josh brent had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit when he crashed his vehicle last month, an accident that killed his friend and teammate, jerry brown. but now an autopsy found that brown was sober at the time of the crash. officials say brown's blood-alcohol was 0.056, well below the texas legal standards. >> neither wearing seat belts, as well. >>> another sports story, an inspiring one from southern new jersey. josh berelli is star of his high school team, averaging over 20 points a game and suffers from one of the rarest diseases on the planet that causes rashes and lesions. all he can do is take medication and spend eight minutes a day in a tanning booth. there will be much more on this story coming up on "good morning america." talk about rare. i believe he was the first diagnosed case in the
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)